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Custom Airbrush Tan

Endure a custom airbrush spray tan like no other.  Our highly trained airbrush technicians will provide you with a TAILORED spray tan experience for your individual needs and skin tones.  Our Goal is to provide you with the most natural looking tan that will also have even fading.  At Grand Rapids Spray Tan we do this with 7 different mixable colors, top of the line products and equipment and continued education.

Spray Tan

First Time Client Full Body Spray Tan: $30
Returning Full Body Spray Tan: $37
Half Body Spray Tan: $23
By Request Spray Tan:  $67
Mobile Spray Tan: $125

5 Pack: $165
10 Pack: $300

Pre Tan Prep


Exfoliate your skin up to 24 hours before your appointment. (Don't exfoliate with 8 hours of your appointment.) This creates a blank canvas and promotes an even coverage and lengthens the duration of your tan by removing dead skin that would otherwise flake off. For the best way to exfoliate, use exfoliating GLOVES.  Do not injure the skin by overdoing it. We don't recommend an exfoliating scrub it could block absorption.  Don't wash with Dove, Bath and Body Works, Victoria Secret, or mineral oils within 24 hours of your spray tan.
Grand Rapids Spray Tan cannot guarantee the excellence we provide if you have on a self-tanner/bronzing product/remains of a prior spray tan.  The goal would be for you to remove it all completely. 

Shower, shave
& waxing

Don't Shave or Wax the day of, your skin needs time to heal after shaving/waxing. Shave the day prior or day after.  Use a clean razor with no moisture strips.

Remove or avoid wearing make-up and moisturizer as this acts as a barrier to the spray and stops the process from working properly. Eye makeup and lip makeup are OKAY. We do provide wipes. 

Don't shower right before your spray tan.  A quick rinse with WATER ONLY/ is fine if you must, but no soaps, shampoo, etc.


Get your pedicures and manicures prior to your spray tan,  Or 24 hours after. Just don't let them use exfoliating items on legs. Soaking in the tubs will fade your tan on feet faster. 

What to wear

Wear/bring dark, loose fitting clothing and undergarments to your tanning appointment. The cosmetic bronzer MAY rub off on clothing. It will wash out of most fabrics, but may stain nylons, lycra, and silks.  However, many clients do this on their lunch break and return to work, as our spray is very absorbent.

During the tanning process you may wear anything you are comfortable in.  We ask that men wear an undergarment (briefs/boxers).

If it is raining or calls for rain please bring an umbrella

and wear items that cover you the most. 

Maintain Your Tan

Rinse & Moisturize

Wait at least 8-10 hours before showering.  Typically, your first rinse we suggest water only. (You can use soap on certain areas)


After your first rinse APPLY MOISTURIZER and even twice daily will help with even exfoliation and longevity of your tan. Apply while still damp after your shower and before bed.


We recommend our RENEW lotion, with the best PH balance to interact with our tan solution to keep the natural color and avoid premature fading.


Avoid long, hot showers and baths, and scrubbing the skin. If you use a wash cloth when bathing, choose one that is as soft as possible. Less friction the better.  We recommend using our REFRESH body wash.  Some washes can change the hue of the tan or fade your tan prematurely. 

​AVOID CHLORINE in swimming pools and hot tubs which can remove or shorten the longevity of your tan, our in-store mouse will help for this if needed. 


​Do not use anything with a high level of alcohol content, paraffins, and fragrance.

AVOID moisturizers with AHA or BHA, Mineral Oils, Dove, bath and body works, Victoria Secrets.


Take care when exercising as friction and excess sweat may cause your tan to fade prematurely or unevenly. With your first shower do not be alarmed when bronzer rinses off, you will be left with your developed tan.  If you see bronzer lines after your first rinse, get back in and rinse again!

You will sunburn through a spray tan, stay protected with SPF, but don't use an aerosol, use a lotion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Does Our Tan Work?

​A: Our Tan is a unique method of spray tanning; an air compressor applies a DHA-water based solution (see below) to your skin; there is a large spray nozzle used for most of your body, and an airbrush for detail areas (fingertips, hairline, etc.). This method—and this type of equipment—allows for the most precision and the most natural-looking tan.

Q: How Is Our Tan Different Than Other Spray Tanning?

​A: All spray tanning is not created equal! Ours looks great because of superior application, superior equipment, superior formulas, and superior technician training. Our application equipment uses a medical-grade air compressor that is quiet and provides a strong airflow required for a smooth and even application; all other brands of spray tanning use cheaper turbine motors—essentially a reverse vacuum cleaner (blows instead of sucks). Our solutions have been formulated with precise amounts of DHA (see below) and do not need to be “caked” on to achieve your desired darkness like other brands do. The end result is a natural, healthy-looking tan that you can feel confident wearing.

Q: What Is DHA? Is It Safe?

A: DHA is the main ingredient for the tanning process, in our sunless tanning products. It is a simple, non-toxic sugar that is often derived from plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar cane. When applied to the body, DHA will respond to the amino acids on the outermost layer of the skin, changing its color to a tan tone that looks beautiful. It is completely safe. 

Q: How Long Will Our Spray Tan Last?

​A: The average result is 5 to 10 days of color. Factors such as skin type, activities, color applied, and maintenance may cause results to vary. The longevity of your tan is 50% you and 50% us.  Your prep, and aftercare are very important.  (see above to prep)


Q: How Long Does It Take To Apply?

A: A full body session takes about 15 minutes depending on equipment settings and the technician’s technique. 


Q: Is this done by Hand?

A: Yes, we have two airbrush guns in which we apply the tan

Q:  What do I wear?

A:  Bring loose baggy clothing to change into.  You can wear whatever you are comfortable in to get the tan.  Men must wear a bottom.  

Q: How Close to my Vacation Should I get my Tan?

A:  As Close to your departure as possible

Q: How close to my wedding should I get Tan?

A: Always do a trial!  Typically, two days prior is perfect. 


Q: Can I Use This If I’m Pregnant?

A: There are no known side effects from the application of our tan. As a precaution, if you are pregnant, you should always consult with your physician or other qualified health care provider before receiving a spray tan or any beauty or skin care application.

When Should I Tan before my wedding​, special event or vacation?

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