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You're Engaged!

With that will come a lot of time in front of the camera. 
We have just the thing to ensure your look is complete.

  • Engagement Photos

  • Bridal Shower

  • Bachelorette Party

  • Wedding Day

  • Honeymoon

  • Reception after destination wedding

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When is the perfect time to get your spray tan?

We suggest doing it two days before your wedding so you will have already washed off your bronze layer,  the tan has settled into your skin, and you can add your moisturizer.  Also, goodness forbid, you will have the ability to correct any issues you may have ran into the first day (i.e. rain, splash of water, etc)

Will the tan come off on my dress?

No, the tan has officially absorbed into your outermost layer of your skin, and you have already rinsed off your bronzer layer, and are left with your tan.


White is an extreme color to wear with a tan (especially for Michigan Winters) How do we pick the right color?

We recommend doing our trial tan first, this will allow our technicians to determine your current skin color.  Do this trial around the same season as your wedding, that way your skin tone will be the same as your wedding.  If this isnt possible, No worries, we have 5 mixable colors and will pick a color that compliments your current skin tone to give you a NATURAL looking tan.

What do I wear?

At your your tanning session you are welcome to wear whatever you're comfortable in.  If that consists of an undergarment , wear one that matches the top of your gown.

When can I get my nails done?

You can do your nails prior or after the tan.  IF, however you choose to do them after your tan, please ask them to not use any exfoliates on your skin while massaging the legs or arms, lotions or oils should be fine.

Will this affect my airbrushed makeup?

Being as your skin tone will be a shade or two darker, we suggest just letting your makeup artist know that, so she can prepare bringing the correct shades, but they are generally prepared with colors.  You could always do your trial spray tan, prior to your makeup trial to ensure the best look.

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